PFN Exec Group 2015
PFN Executives


David S. McCartneyDavid S. McCartney

David McCartney (“Dave”) is General Manager of Peninsula Fiber Network LLC, In his position, Mr. McCartney is responsible for all aspects of PFN’s operations, including financial, regulatory, strategy and public policy.

Mr. McCartney is a CPA and has nearly 40 years of experience in telecommunications policy, regulatory, financial management and corporate structure. His experience spans both regulated and deregulated telecommunications operations and management. His expertise includes all aspects of FCC Part 32 accounting rules and structures as well as the Rural Utility Service and US Government single audit and related documentation requirements. Mr. McCartney was the original architect of PFN, working with Hiawatha Communications Inc and Baraga Telephone Company to form PFN as a joint venture between the two companies. Mr. McCartney has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Michigan Technical University and a Master’s in Business Administration from Notre Dame, Du Lac University.


James P. BroganJames P. Brogan

Mr. Brogan is the President and CEO of Hiawatha Communications Inc. along with being the Vice President and Secretary for PFN.  He has attended and participated in multiple corporate, trade association, vendor and consultant organized conferences, forums, roundtables and training sessions related to every aspect of the communications industry.  He is on the Board of Directors for the Telecommunications Association of Michigan (TAM), Michigan Exchange Carriers Association (MECA), Munising Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees and the Munising Memorial Hospital Association. Mr. Brogan holds a BS – Business Administration, Lake Superior State University


Paul W. StarkPaul W. Stark

Mr. Stark began his career with Schulumberger Offshore Services working as a Field Engineer in the North Sea in 1974.  In 1984 he became an Engineer at Baraga Telephone Company (BTC).  Baraga Telephone Company began providing dial up internet services through the telephone exchange in 1995.  Mr. Stark oversaw the development of high speed internet (DSL) service at BTC.  Along with being the President and General Manager of Baraga Telephone, he served four terms as the President of the Village of Baraga. Mr. Stark holds a Master’s in engineering from Michigan Technical University.


William C. TiddWilliam C. Tidd

Mr. Tidd directs network management and outside plant operations for PFN. Mr. Tidd began his employment with Hiawatha Communications Inc. in 1976 as a line technician.  During his tenure he held several positions including Outside Plant Supervisor and Network Manager.  Since 2005 he has been the Vice President/CTO at Hiawatha Communications Inc and is a board member of Hiawatha Communications Inc. Mr. Tidd attended Minnesota State Community College.


J. Thomas Sumbler J. Thomas Sumbler

Thom Sumbler is in charge of the Sales, Business Development and Product Development operations for Peninsula Fiber Network, LLC,. In this position, Mr. Sumbler is responsible for development and expansion of the PFN markets, product development and corporate strategy..

Mr. Sumbler has nearly 40 years of experience in the development of US domestic telecommunications networks and related technology companies with an emphasis on carrier core networking and Metro Ethernet service delivery. Mr. Sumbler has architected two highly successful start-up companies and has also held several executive management positions with major US networks. Throughout his career, he has concentrated his efforts heavily on inter-carrier, network overlay, trade and joint venture arrangements.


M. Koray InalM. Koray Inal

Mr. Inal is Vice President of Baraga Telephone Company and serves on the executive management committee for PFN as an Engineering and Corporate Strategy Advisor.

Mr. Inal began his career with Caterpillar, Inc., in 2005, where he was the Senior Engineer and Six Sigma Black Belt Team Lead.  In February 2009, Mr. Inal left Caterpillar and began employment with Baraga Telephone Company, where he remains as its Vice President. Mr. Inal holds a PHD in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technical University. In addition, Mr. Inal currently serves at the Chairman of the Board for BHK Child Development Agency (January 2012 – present), in Houghton, Michigan, and is the basketball coach for Special Olympics (2011-present) in Baraga, Michigan.