Carrier Network Services

Transport Services

PFN provides DS-1 and DS-3 transport and Ethernet services between the access POP’s on our network. Our Virtual DS-3 transport service that gives networks DS-3 access at their serving access point and lets you distribute 28 T-1’s to any of our access POP’s allowing you maximum flexibility to design and rearrange your network to meet the demands of your market. Similar products at the optical transport level can be designed to your specifications on a special request basis.

Optical Transport

PFN deploys both DWDM and SONET in its network to provide you with maximum flexibility and cost efficiency in your network. SONET services are available at OC-3, OC-12, OC-48 and OC-192 levels. Wavelength services are available at 2.5 and 10G. Optical Ethernet is also available on request

IP Transit

PFN provides a full range of high volume, low latency Internet services from 10Mbps – 1GigE. Our routers are 1 step off core routing to reduce latency, maximize throughput and insure consistency of performance.

Cross Border Transport

PFN can provide all of its service offerings in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario via our border crossing at the International Bridge. Cross border service are provided by PFN in conjunction with our affiliate Great Lakes Interlink Inc. Please ask your sales representative for details.

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Health Care, Government, Commercial

PFN has extensive experience providing mission critical network services that require absolute stability with unparalleled uptime performance. PFN works closely with many major health care networks, government administrations, law enforcement and 911 Public Service Answering Points.

In addition to providing the highest quality network available, PFN’s has significant competency in the regulatory aspects of these market sectors.

Our sales and business development group will be happy to meet with your organization to outline our experience, discuss your specific needs and help you develop a plan for service implementation that will ensure your ability to continue providing state of the art network infrastructure and service to your patients, constituency or clients.

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Internet Service Providers

IP Transit

PFN provides a full range of high volume, low latency Internet services from 10Mbps – 1GigE. Our multiple, interconnected “core” routers are driven with multiple layers of direct internet backbone connectivity to provide extremely low latency, maximize throughput and insure consistency of performance.


PFN also provides wireless backhaul solutions that will enable your network to expand into subtending service areas with redundant transport systems.

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Wireless Network Providers

PFN has extensive experience in providing wireless backhaul transport services. We have a full range of Ethernet Transport and TDM services throughout most of our network and we are experienced in multi EVC transport. In addition PFN has gateways to most of the independent telco network within our service area and we offer combined services with this telcos under one SLA.

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