Upper Peninsula 911 Authority and Peninsula Fiber Network Announce Next Generation 911 Service Implementation

Written by Thom Sumbler on November 14, 2016

PFN Next Generation 911 Call Routing Service


The NG 911 network, built and operated by Peninsula Fiber Network, LLC (PFN), delivers E9-1-1 emergency service voice and related caller data to Public Service Answering Points (PSAP) via a private, secure, redundant, and monitored, IP network.

PFN NG 911 service exceeds the FCC 13-158, NG 911 specification and provides the features demanded by both urban and rural PSAPs.

  • Fully redundant call routing network, FCC 13-158 compliant
  • Dynamic Call Routing, calls can be routed to other, subtending PSAPs during peak traffic periods
  • Full, two-way texting, in and out of any PSAP, with greatly improved location accuracy
  • Telematics (integration with Uconnect, Sync, OnStar, etc)
  • MEVO disaster recovery phones (hot stand-by for your PSAP)
  • Network management tools (suite of network traffic monitoring  and real-time reports

The PFN 911 network is designed as an Emergency Services IP Network (ESInet). This network is compliant with the concepts envisioned in various NENA “Next Generation 9-1-1” documents and Technical Information Documents (“TID”).


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